There are too many people I am obliged to  for the creation of this book, but I should l like to highlight a few:

Afrikaans teachers  Ferdie Theron and Jan Alberts at Windhoek  Hoërskool, who whipped my wandering thought processes into shape;

Professor DAS Herbst  at Kovies,  who taught me to think in an orderly fashion and sowed the first seeds of developing an enquiring journalistic mind;

Clive Algar, my former boss, who taught me the dark art of  writing creative news releases;


Clive Algar is not only a gentleman,  but an accomplished author himself…

Ronel Richter-Herbert, editor at Penguin. This formidable woman not only possesses a hawk eye, but  her knowledge of rugby astounded me, a die-hard alpha male;


Tobie Wiese, independent editor, whose help in shaping the final product was invaluable;

Frikkie van Rensburg, past sports editor of Die Volksblad in Bloemfontein. I doubt if anybody in South Africa – or possibly the  world – has a greater grasp of rugby statistics than this Freestater;

My pal Tom Ferreira, also known as Inspector Clouseau. His contribution to this first ever  Springbok Rugby Quiz was immense;


Finally, my wife and soul-mate Tisha, who  had to put up with a virtual husband  for weeks and months –  the husband who  could never become a Springbok but  nevertheless never stopped fantasizing about THE GAME. Merci a toi, mon amour...for all your patience, understanding and support.

rugby ball